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Happy Healthy Harmonious New Year!


Happy Holidays!! This year I am filled with gratitude for all the folks who have been kind enough to participate in a sound bath, hire me for a sound bath and support me in my efforts to build my new Sacred Bloom sound healing practice.

It has been a busy year! I graduated in June from The Open Center's Sound & Music Integration program and was by then already beginning to add sound baths to the drum circles I was running at two Brooklyn homeless shelters run by Camba. My final capstone project was the development of my website,, which was seamlessly developed by the amazingly talented singer/songwriter Joy Ike. Matt Keating, likewise a master singer/songwriter, aided in the recordings featured on the site. Their harmonies are ingrained in everything!!

So many beautiful connections have sprung up naturally in 2022, among them working with corporate retreat clients at the lovely Scribner Catskill Lodge, among them Atai Life, SoundCloud and Polaroid.

I have led community sound bath events at HomeBody.BK in Park Slope, Tea Time Tactics in Windsor Terrace, Gaia Nomaya in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the Lightning Society in Williamsburg, the Mountaintop Library in Tannersville, New York and in my home. I assisted with a lovely event in Miami recently during Art Basel for the YouTuneIn app with my mentor Eileen Moran of Architects of Experience. I continue to work with the Camba homeless shelters, and have started working with seniors and babies!Lovely experiences all!

It is such a pleasure to bring people together in a deep listening practice, to allow them to feel the resonance and vibration of the instruments in a shared space, but in their own unique way. The feedback has been incredible! The series of evocative sounds emulating nature and a range of tones that help to reset the nervous system has such a different effect on everyone but seeing the relaxed faces afterward, hearing the shift in people's voices and pace makes me realize I'm on to something important.

We need to tune in to ourselves and others. We need to tune out the negativity and cacophony of the news and the constant barrage of bad energy and create positive energy in our own minds and bodies. It seems an excellent time to gather with others in beautiful harmonious communion.

In the last days of the year, just past the Winter Solstice and on the cusp of a New Moon, it is a time of reflection and consideration. It is a time to listen deeply to ourselves, to look back to figure how to move forward. It is a time to commit to caring for yourself and others, for taking the time out to stop, to feel the rhythm of your own breath in an out, and in and out, and to remain clear and calm, acting with consideration versus reacting with the easiest reachable emotion, which oftentimes seems to be anger.

I look forward to bathing in sound with you in the coming year! Consider the gift of sound for you or someone you love with a Sacred Bloom Sound Bath gift certificate, special introductory rate of $50. Bring in a sound bath for your next work or social gathering. Bring me in for a special birthday party! So many ways to experience the power of sound together in the coming year, to restore ourselves by pushing out all else but the rhythmic sound of the ocean drum, the whirring of the singing bowls, the chimes and bells and shakers...

Hope to see you in Sacred Bloom ritual sometime soon! Happy holidays and a happy healthy harmonious New Year to you all!!

With peace and love in my heart,



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