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Personalized Sacred Bloom Sound Bath

A Sacred Bloom Sound Bath features the vibration and resonance of a variety of native instruments. The process, which includes wearing an eye mask to focus hearing more sharply, has been described as relaxing and restorative, a soothing sound journey for the mind, and a way to bring the body into a state of present being.

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Sacred Bloom Group Session

This group percussion session allows for the receivers to get in sync before sharing a deep listening experience. Creating harmony together is an excellent set-up to open the neural pathway for the Sound Bath experience to fully resonate.

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Get in Tune Drum Circle

Use the power and resonance of percussion  to help bring your group together! Whatever the event or occasion - be it work retreat, summer party, or funeral, find harmony through collaborative rhythm. Hour-long facilitated drum circle.

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“I worked with Stephanie having never had a sound healing before. She made me feel so calm and comfortable before and during the session. I loved how through the various sounds and vibrations, I easily slipped into a state of relaxation and meditation that was both calming and empowering”

~Jane Walsh

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