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This is about you!!!

What you want, who you are, how you feel.

These are all the questions you ask, right? Young or old, male, female or non-binary, whatever color, race or religion, it doesn't matter. no one escapes the badgering reality of having to figure these important things.

And what are your tools of figuring? For me, writing is certainly one of the things I turn to first. Music most definitely. Sitting down at the piano, running a drum circle or composing a sound bath all help my mind tune to these questions. Going out to see great music has become very much part of "who I am," so much so that I started a Substack newsletter and calendar about the NYC music scene, Join me for some of these inspiring events in the city and upstate on weekends!!

I paint sometimes, pull cards from a variety of oracle card decks that offer food for thought, from animal symbolism to chakra wisdom to tarot, and get into nature for hikes and swims as much as possible.

What are your tools to figure what you want, who you are, how you feel?!

Summer is a great time to lean into these questions. The world slows a bit as adults somehow hearken back to the patterns of school-age years, and warmer temperatures make moving quickly impossible.

I have a couple upcoming opportunities to help you ask these tough questions in community!!

Join me TOMORROW, THURSDAY, JUNE 20, at 7 PM for a Summer Solstice Sound Bath, part of my Third Thursday series! I will be hosting this at my Brooklyn apartment, focusing on softly contemplating who you want to be, now and in the months to come. Join me!

I am also offering a ladies weekend retreat at my home in the Catskills the weekend of July 12th-14th. Only a couple of spots available for this Tune in To YOU! Time to Bloom! with Sacred Bloom, featuring meditation, sound baths, drum circles, writing, painting, hiking, reiki and creating our own bloom bouqets!! Looking to offer this weekend as a collaborative cooperative time to share skills, minimal fee for food/travel. Email me at for more information!

And don't forget to reach out to set up a private individual session -- sound bath + Oracle cards = a great reading on where you are and where you might want to go -- or a group session. Celebrating a bday? Hosting a summger gathering? Would LOVE to offer a sound bath to help you and your guests tune in...

In peace and harmony, hope to see you soon!!!



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