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Loving Yourself

I pull cards daily from a Medicine Cards deck of animal symbolism that came with a book I was given years ago by a lovely man I met during a workshop at the Omega Institute. Today's card was the Moose that according to authors David Carson and Jamie Sams symbolizes self-esteem.

Help me to honor the gifts I can give, And recognize my worthiness long as I live goes the little poem.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, a Hallmark holiday that reminds us about love in all its infinite red-heartedness, self-love is probably the most important love we can remember to feel. The Moose reminds us to feel good about something we have accomplished on our journey, and in doing so to recognize those who aided us in the process.

When I get to the heart in my opening body scan "stress seek-and-find" before a sound bath, I always suggest that participants give themselves a little unconditional love. It is only with this feeling for our selves that we will find it in our hearts to love others. Sometimes it takes a bit of deep listening and thoughtfulness to remember what it is we are proud of, and to rest in this feeling a bit, thinking of how others helped us with that.

When I asked myself this question regarding accomplishment, I thought of the fearlessness with which I pick up paints and create something. And I credit all the fearless artists -- visual and otherwise -- for giving me the guts to just go for it. We don't get anywhere without trying, without pushing back the fear and self-judgment that can stop us if we let it. What are you proud of? Who helped you get there?

Speaking of fearlessness, join me for the last sound baths of the Winter Restoration series this week!! Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 9 am...we will focus our sound meditation on this idea of self love and what we can be proud of. In person in my home salon and on Zoom. Then again on Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm. Let me know if you can make it!

I will be taking a little self reflection time, solo traveling from Feb. 21-March 15th so these will be the last baths in Brooklyn for a bit...Join me if you can!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Remember to love yourself unconditionally!!



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