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Join Us JULY 15 for a Heart-Opening Sound Bath & Mala Necklace Making!!

"Yam" is the chant sound, or mantra for the Anahata, or heart Chakra. It brings about peace, contentment, joy, love and compassion for yourself and those around you.

The vibration that occurs in our bodies while reciting a mantra, like "yam," have since ancient times helped to manage the energy and soothe the nervous system of humans, offering a chance to achieve a deeper state of mindfulness and focus.

In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the tradition of reciting a healing mantra at least 100 times is often aided by Mala Beads, made up of 108 beads that one moves fingers along as they recite their mantra. The number 108 is said to be a sacred number that signifies the universe as a whole, representing units of the distance between our body and the "God" within us.

I have since being certified in the Open Center's Sound & Music Integration program, been using various Mala beads I already owned or have purchased (including a beautiful one from Rochelle at Rooted!) to daily recite my chosen mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, which represents the five elements of creation: Na, Earth; Ma, Water; Shi, Fire; Va, Pranic Air; and Ya, Sky or Ether.

Whatever mantra you choose, whatever beads you choose for your own Mala, the practice of using your own voice to relax and restore your nervous system for a brief time each morning is profound.

I will offer a special Heart-Opening Sacred Bloom Sound Bath at Rooted, using the metaphor of finding our own seeds to bloom, setting an intention to do just that.

Sign up HERE! Space is limited!!

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