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First Bloom is a Sacred Bloom

The beginnings of a beautiful sound healing practice...

April showers bring May flowers…

This year, with the month of May came the flowering of Sacred Bloom!

(Logo designed by Oscar Thompson).

The launch of my sound healing practice comes just in time for the world to blossom again, to come to life after a long winter/Covid sleep.

Now is the time for us to connect again, to reignite our spark to gather and enjoy one another, to listen again to the sounds of the world moving, alive, awake!

‘Sound’ may seem like a strange way to heal. But after years of following musicians from around the world, traveling to far flung parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn to hear them play out their beats, to synch up and syncopate their rhythms, I am convinced that listening deeply to changing sounds is one of the best ways there is to tune in to ourselves, to each other, to the world.

How can we learn to listen to our intuition, to the guidance that comes from messages all around? How do we learn to focus and tune in to what it is that will be our best way forward?

Composing a life is a creative endeavor, one that requires adapting to a changing environment with lightning speed. The brain can sometimes balk at shifting gears when we get too settled into the same routines, the same habits, when we cannot even see or hear anything new. We can become blind and deaf to possibility if we get stuck in our same comfortable thought patterns and routines, our same rhythms.

Sacred Bloom Sound Baths are a unique composition of bells, bowls, chimes, chants, gongs and drums from all over the world. The series of sounds works to draw the mind away from stress and toward a free easy flow of thought, allowing for both positive and challenging ideas to arise and be considered, safely.

The result is a calm mind, relaxed, refreshed and restored and ready to face the world anew with clarity. The practice of deep listening, even for an hour, offers up crucial practice in developing and honing a harmonious perspective.

In May was born with the help of beautiful singer/songwriter Joy Ike, as well as a series of sound baths offered up for private sessions (in person and online,) corporate retreats (Scribner’s Catskill Lodge), area homeless shelter residents and fun in-person parties. I have derived enormous pleasure from seeing the stress drain from people’s faces, replaced by the soft open smiles of humans blessedly at ease.

Subscribe on the site to receive regular blog posts and a free download of a 15-minute Sound Bath! Go to our services page to book a private or group session for yourself and friends!! Build on the cumulative attentiveness gained at each bath by coming weekly, or at least once a month for a private or group session. Check out our events page to get updates on what's blooming! Feeling particular pain or stress? Book now!

Peace, Shalom, Inshallah. Om Namah Sivaya. May all the elements conspire to bring you happiness and calm.



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