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Sample our sacred

sound bath!


Something considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion; something that inspires awe or reverence


To change, grow or develop fully; to flourish and thrive

A group of people who are of the same kind

A group of people committed to deep listening, to revering and respecting the resonance of sound…

A group of people committed to finding the common rhythm by which every human might thrive in the world all around…

This is the Sacred Bloom Tribe

"Stephanie has a physical relationship with the sounds of music and nature:

chimes, water and wood are such a part of the meditative experience that you may be transported in the refreshing depth of a forest or close to a lake, at the very least your thoughts turning off. Sound waves reconnects you with the body and what it really feels now, offering some grounding and all the benefits of relaxation. Enjoy the trip!"     

~ Ourida 

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